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Well, we're a creative bunch from Amsterdam city who run the electronic music label Strøm recordings.

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Richie Hawtin Explains The New Twitter.DJ

Richie Hawtin chats with Ean about life, DJing and amongst other things, the latest updates to Twitter DJ.  Building on his   “straight-to-Twitter” DJ broadcasting service, Twitter.DJ is abeta web portal that allows users to follow live performers, view their tracklists, listen to tracks, and see other performers around them. Check out the exclusive video interview

8.30.2012 |

Ink Stories 1: Daniel Ronson

Ink Stories 1: Daniel Ronson from Lima Charlie on Vimeo.

INK STORIES is a series of short documentaries about tattoo artists and those inspired by the aesthetic. New episodes coming soon. 

This episode starts with Ronnie, a young, passionate and talented squire learning the ropes - what better way to start a series than looking at the tough but important stage of being an apprentice?

6.21.2012 |

Ahead of her headline performance, Ms Grace Jones has kindly given Aeroplane this little remix to share with the Lovebox family. Download away to own a little piece of Lovebox’s first lady.

6.15.2012 |

Pepsi MAX & Kyrie Irving Present: “Uncle Drew”

We couldn’t wait to see what a young basketball superstar dressed as an old man was going to do once he got on the court with a bunch of “youngbloods.” A reminder of motherly devotion will have your eyes watering. And feeling like you want to strap on cleats and run onto the pitch no matter the weather is invigorating…

via Mashable

6.13.2012 |

Melodica podcast June 2012 by Chris Coco [Lounge - downtempo]

Chris Coco’s weekly radio broadcast. An eclectic selection of brilliant new music starting with house and moving on to electronica, downtempo, acoustic and all sorts of other styles loosely connected to dance and electronic music. Let tastemaker Chris Coco guide you through his selection of the week’s best new music. 
This episode is mostly about floating around in a big Balearic bubble. Post EDM not dance music you can dance to and a little post dubstep house that you can’t dance to. Stuff like that, you know.

Melodica 4 June 2012 by Chris Coco on Mixcloud

6.13.2012 |

Treat your ears right. Listen to this album.

Baltimore / NY based Independent Rap Label Six2Six released a pretty cool hip hop album by Global Platoon entitled G8 Summit. Laidback raps with sizzling cool beats :-)

Listen Bandcamp here

6.13.2012 |

Treat your ears right. Listen to this album.

6.11.2012 |

Tim Hendricks Tattoo Artist Interview

Interesting interview with Tim on how he started tattooing and how the NY Ink and Miami Ink sitcom have influenced his recent years as a tattoo artist.

Tattoo artist Tim Hendricks of Wooster St Social Club (NYC) and Love Hate Tattoo Studio (Miami Beach) is interviewed by Scott Sylvia for Last Sparrow Tattoo. Go to for the back story that lead to this interview as well as other interviews, articles, and a thriving online community of some of the best tattoo artists in the world.

6.10.2012 |

Radical Skateboarding Tricks Dazzle in Super Slow-Motion [VIDEO]

You’ll have a newfound respect for skateboarders’ skills after watching these two minutes of tricks in superslow-motionAdam Shomsky shot 13 uncommon flips and twists at 1,000 frames per second with a Redlake N3 high-speed camera and turned it into this rad mix.

Via mashable

6.5.2012 |
Get inked @ Wooster St. New York

There’s been a lot going on with the transition of TV reality shows into every channel on tv and though they all seem to have the same formula with extra hyper weird cast members who may or may not be real (i.e. scripted shows), there is still a lot of interesting stuff out there.

One of the things we have been enjoying recently is the 2nd season of NY ink, a new tattoo adventure led by Ami James (of Miami Ink fame) who has the usual hectic electric panic attacks and clashes between customers and staff (which are more amusing in NY Ink then they were in Miami Ink). And of course lots of cool tattoos flying from the hands of great artists like Tim Hendricks, Megan Massacre, Tommy Montoya and Ami himself.

6.1.2012 |



hyper intense music by Death Grips kept me jumping like I went back to my hardcore punk days (I think I was 12 or somethin) grinding and stomping around in my bed room.

This is not for everyone but surely should get your attention if you’re into the cool shit (what The Burning Ear descripes as California Noise rap)…so we say!

Read more here on the Burning Ear

  • Who: Legendary drummer Zach Hill, producer Andy Morin, and hyper-intense singer Stefan Burnett.
  • What: ”California noise-rap,” like Dr. Dre joined Crystal Castles.
  • Where: Los Angeles + Facebook
  • When: Debut LP The Money Store is out now. (Stream it here)
5.17.2012 |


Loving this moody summer road trip song, trippy video too :-)

5.17.2012 |

10 ways to get a proper record deal

With a couple of years of experience on the label side of the music bizz I thought it was worth it to give some insights from a label’s point of view and why certain things don’t work the way people think they should work regarding GETTING A RECORD DEAL.

Every label works differently so below is not a set of rules, but I know some of the mistakes both artist and label make to annoy the fuck out of each other and a little help might do us all some good.

So, here we go…..and yes, this post goes beyond 250 characters :-)

click here to read more

5.17.2012 |

Adam Yauch & The Beastie Boys: Sampling And The Unholy Marriage Of Art And Commerce

Text by George Howard

Source: Tunecore blog

I, like many people, had my life altered by the Beastie Boys. I can still recall pretty much every line from “Hold it Now, Hit it,” and even still have a Cooky Puss vinyl kicking around. My affection for the Beasties never waned over the years: I went through a weird period of flying-induced anxiety that was only allayed by listening to Paul’s Boutique; I delight (much to my wife’s dismay) in dancing around the house with my two young kids to “Shake Your Rump.” So, again, like many people, I was stunned, staggered, and profoundly saddened by the death of Adam Yauch. Far better writers than I have already, and will continue to memorialize Mr. Yauch’s work (as musician, filmmaker, and activist). As but one example, Holly Gleason’s piece in Hits just killed me when she used the phrase “chronic artistic thrust” to describe the Beasties’ later work.

This phrase—“chronic artistic thrust”—so perfectly captures not only the Beasties generally, but Mr. Yauch specifically, that it acts as a signifier of their impact on the industry as a whole.Who else but the Beasties had the chronic artistic thrust, for example, to go from the entertaining/commercially-ingenious, but, by their own admission, and subsequent actions, embarrassingly sophomoric (not to mention misogynistic) License to Ill to what has with a decided lack of irony been referred to as the Sgt. Pepper’s of hip-hop: Paul’s Boutique?

The answer: no one.

The purpose of this article (beyond the less-than-healing catharsis of writing about yet another of my heroes now gone) is to explore the idea of whether or not it is possible that any other artist—requisite chronic artistic thrust, or otherwise—could today make a record like Paul’s Boutique, and, if the answer is “no,” whether or not this is a reasonable reality.

Both License to Ill and Paul’s Boutique are sample-heavy records. However, in terms of sheer quantity of samples, Paul’s Boutique is the winner by a long shot. One of the producers of the album, Dust Brother, Mike Simpson, in the great 33 1/3 book on PB, states that there are between 100 and 300 samples on the record (Le Roy p. 45).

(Here’s a site that lists a lot of the samples.)

read more

5.11.2012 |

Melodica 7 May 2012

Waking up to the lovely tunes of Chris Coco…good morning ya’ll :-)

Melodica 30 January 2012 by Chris Coco on Mixcloud

Chris Coco’s weekly radio broadcast. An eclectic selection of brilliant new music starting with house and moving on to electronica, downtempo, acoustic and all sorts of other styles loosely connected to dance and electronic music. Let tastemaker Chris Coco guide you through his selection of the week’s best new music. 
This episode is a Balearic special, looking back to some magic moments from the 80s and flashing forward with some future-Balearic brilliance. So that’s some stuff that’s slightly embarrassing but in some way utterly brilliant. magic, beauty, love, sex, sunshine, and the sound of waves on the shore
5.11.2012 |